Ready-to-Cook Desalted Codfish – The Future

The Ready-to-Cook Desalted Codfish is the future in codfish consumption. Its quality and convenience make it stand out and it is being increasingly adopted by young and experimented consumers, renowned chefs and by and large in the catering trade. Why? Because the Ready-to-Cook Codfish provides the best Traditional Portuguese Cure codfish free of such hindrances as having to soak or freeze codfish at home.


Riberalves launched its Ready-to-Cook Codfish in the year 2000. The company developed its own technology to achieve maximum quality and performance in each production stage. Besides that, Riberalves makes sure it controls the raw material from its very origin, ensuring that only the best codfish is used in the process.



Only the finest species of codfish, the Gadus Morhua — from the Atlantic Northeast — is used to produce Riberalves’ Ready-to-Cook Codfish.


Riberalves follows best practices for fishing — such as fishing by line — and thus assuring that cod is treated in a delicate manner and avoiding any impact that could lead to loss of protein quality. Furthermore, Riberalves codfish is immediately bled after caught in order to guaranty that the flesh retains its finest qualities.


After capturing the fish and complying with the traditional method developed by the Portuguese people throughout centuries, the codfish is immediately nestled in salt. This is the first step in the preservation process, and means that the Traditional Portuguese Cure is underway. Under no circumstance will cod be frozen at high seas or submitted to double freezing. Also, no phosphates will be added to the codfish.

Traditional Portuguese Cure

As is the case with smoked ham, the duration of the salted cure is one of the most defining factors when it comes to codfish quality. In compliance with the Traditional Portuguese Cure, the Ready-to-Cook Riberalves codfish may rest from five months up to one year in salt.



After the Traditional Portuguese Cure is complete, codfish undergoes a drying process. Taking place in controlled atmosphere chambers, this process allows dehydrating and removing excessive protein humidity. Its duration varies according to the thickness and size of the fish.


Once dried, codfish is cut in a variety of pieces according to consumer needs. The convenience of the Riberalves Ready-to-Cook cod begins to show at this stage: consumers will be allowed to choose from a wide variety of cuts according to their preferences.


Once cut, codfish is soaked in controlled temperature water during a precise amount of time. How long this step lasts is defined by the size and thickness of the piece. This way the saltiness of the piece is perfect and consistent, thus avoiding mistakes and hindrances commonly associated with home desalting.


Developed and perfected by Riberalves, this fast -40° C deep-freezing process lasts 4 hours and preserves the organoleptic properties of the codfish. Contrary to home freezing — a process that can take up to a day and reduces codfish quality — industrial deep-freezing keeps proteins intact.



Once packaged, the Ready-to-Cook Riberalves Codfish is ready to land on the market. Daily routines in modern society allow little room for a time-consuming process such as soaking cod, therefore preparation and cooking routines need to be swift. In that sense, the Ready-to-Cook Riberalves Codfish presents itself as an ideal solution. A final argument must also be made: an argument for the premium quality of the best Traditional Portuguese Cure codfish.