Ready-To-Cook Riberalves Codfish wins “Flavor of the Year 2014” Seal of Quality


The Ready-to-Cook Deep-frozen Desalted Riberalves Codfish was awarded the “Flavor of the Year 2014” seal of quality. This award, won for the fifth year in a row — 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 — celebrates products that have been Tried/Approved by Consumers.


A recurring Riberalves investment for the last 10 years, the Ready-to-Cook codfish has consistently been acknowledged under the international sensorial analysis rules set and implemented by Monadia (Center for Consumer Quality) in a partnership with Tryp Network. Once more, this product not only exceeded the minimum required grades, it was also scored higher than all its competitors in consumer tasting challenges. The Monadia process evaluates the spontaneous satisfaction of a group of consumers chosen accordingly to their consumption patterns.


“Ten years ago we launched the Ready-to-Cook Codfish with the sole purpose of establishing a new flagship product by means of its quality and convenience. The fact that we reached this sort of consumer acceptance fills us with pride and shows us the way: we must always set the bar high regarding quality and make sure the products satisfy modern needs”, says Ricardo Alves, Riberalves’ general manager.


According to the Kantar World Panel, Riberalves is the leading Portuguese company in the sector of Deep-frozen Desalted Codfish, excluding own-label brands. In November, the Torres Vedras’ company announced a partnership with chef José Avillez, highlighting the quality and distinctive character of the Ready-to-Cook Codfish, a product that makes up for 45% of sales volume and has fostered a strong increase in exports.


Ready-to-Cook Codfish // Main features

The Deep-frozen Desalted Ready-to-Cook Riberalves Codfish is a flagship product because of its high quality. Riberalves controls the raw material from its very origin and processes the cod according to a centuries-old traditional Portuguese cure. Here are some of the features that make Riberalves’ Ready-to-Cook Codfish stand out:


Origins: The fish is processed the day it is caught (processed into green salted cod); Riberalves has established partnerships with the main producers in the world, thus controlling both fishing and process procedures.


Quality: As a wild fish, cod is processed right after it is caught, which means that the fish will under no circumstance be submitted to double freezing. In other words, it will not be frozen at high seas or deep-frozen at a later date. Furthermore, no phosphates will be added to the codfish.


Cure: As is the case of smoked ham, the duration of the salted cure is the most decisive factor when it comes to codfish quality. Riberalves products rest for a minimum of five months in salt, in compliance with the Traditional Portuguese Cure.


Soaking: Codfish is soaked in water at controlled temperatures during a specific amount of time according to the size and thickness of each fish. This way, the saltiness of the piece is perfect and consistent, thus avoiding mistakes and troubles commonly associated with home desalting.


Deep-freezing: Developed and perfected by Riberalves, this groundbreaking process is based on technology that can preserve the organoleptic properties of the fish. In contrast, home freezing can take up to a day and reduces fish quality.


Convenience: the Ready-to-Cook Deep-frozen Desalted Codfish is a premium product that fits the modern consumer’s needs and lifestyle.