“Codfish at the Market”: a national passion lands in the Ribeira Market

  • Celebrations of Riberalves’ 30th anniversary arrive in Lisbon and specifically at the Time Out Market. The program starts this Thursday and includes showcooking sessions by chef José Avillez, a photo exhibition paying tribute to the Portuguese heroes of cod fishing and, of course, the possibility to taste the finest Traditional Portuguese Cure cod.
  • The “Codfish at the Market” event will be held from October 15 to 22 and is associated with a social cause: supporting AMI — International Medical Assistance — in their response to the current humanitarian crisis in Europe.

As a child, when João Alves used to go sell codfish door-to-door with his father on the streets of downtown Lisbon, he couldn’t possibly have imagined that, one day, he would be the founder of the company leading the national codfish market, nor that three decades later he would have his own Riberalves represented at the Time Out Market (Ribeira Market), in a return of sorts to the place where it all began to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the company. But coincidence knocked on the door — the “Codfish at the Market” event will start next Thursday, October 15th, and Riberalves invited all lisboetas to come celebrate the National Passion for our “Faithful friend”. Through the 22nd of this month, in the unique and renewed scenery of the Time Out Market, our tips are not to be missed: tasting sessions of the finest Traditional Portuguese Cure codfish, showcooking with chef José Avillez and a photography exhibition which doubles as a tribute to the last heroes of cod fishing.


In an event-packed year, during which Riberalves set itself the goal of reaching out to the Portuguese people to celebrate a common passion for our “faithful friend”, the company now lands at the Time Out Market and makes its appearance in a special way: following a logic of reinvention in what concerns consumption of codfish — a defining product in Portuguese traditional cuisine but also in the modern expression of Portuguese gastronomy — recipes will be developed by young chefs from the Escola Nacional de Hotelaria e Turismo do Estoril. On the other hand, tasting recommendations available at the Riberalves Cod Bar, which will be installed at the Time Out Market, will be sold at the symbolic price of 1 euro and all proceeds will go to AMI — International Medical Assistance — and their support campaign during the current humanitarian crisis in Europe.


Tasting sessions apart, anyone who is passionate about cooking cod will have the chance to be part of two showcooking events with José Avillez —  a chef currently holding two Michelin stars. On October 15th (6.30 pm) and 21st (3.30 pm) he will share his secrets and tips regarding cod recipes.


The program “Codfish at the Market” also includes the exhibition “Postal code A2053N” — a solo show by photojournalist Pepe Brix, this is also a Tribute to the Last Portuguese Heroes of Cod Fishing. The Azorean artist embarked on a three-month journey in one of the last Portuguese codfishing ships, immortalizing the extreme hardships fishers face in an activity that made its mark on the history of Portuguese fishing and maritime navigation. In the course of 2015, the work behind “Código Postal A2053N” will be partially unveiled in the Portuguese edition of National Geographic Magazine and later published in book format.


In this event-packed year, Riberalves has also been at such events as the Volvo Ocean Race, the São Mateus Fair (Viseu), the São Pedro Fair (Torres Vedras), FATACIL (Algarve) and will also make an appearance at the National Gastronomy Festival of Santarém.


On Riberalves
A Portuguese company, Riberalves is a world reference when it comes to codfish processing, producing around 30 thousand tons of codfish per year. Riberalves was launched in 1985, but it only started focusing on codfish processing in 1990 when its first industrial unit was built in Torres Vedras. From 2003 onwards, fostered by a major investment in a new industrial unit in Moita — as of today, the largest codfish plant in the world— Riberalves enhanced its production capacity by 60%. This allowed the company to establish itself as the leader in the production of a new sort of product that satisfies modern consumer needs and tendencies: the Ready-to-Cook codfish. Showing a 150 million euros turnover and exporting around 40% of its sales volume, Riberalves is the reference within a business group that also includes companies NovoDia Cafés, AdegaMãe (a 5 million euros investment in winemaking and wine tourism) and Riberalves Imobiliária.