“The Angolan market is of the utmost importance for the Riberalves Group”


Bernardo Alves makes “an extremely positive” assessment of the company’s participation at FILDA — International Luanda Fair during which several Riberalves Group brands from sectors such as coffee, wine and deep-frozen foods presented their most recent products.


The Riberalves Group made an “extremely positive” assessment of its participation at the International Luanda Fair (FILDA). Running from June 22nd to 27th, it saw several brands from the group that are represented in Angola — Riberalves (Codfish industry), AdegaMãe (wines), NovoDia (coffee) and Frip (Deep-frozen foods) — presenting themselves among 800 exhibitors who turned out to shed light on their products to a tremendously important market.


“Our platform has been in Angola for eight years and it’s so much more than an investment to us. This is a strategic marketplace with the utmost importance for the Riberalves Group. We’ve consolidated the product range of Riberalves Codfish, and we’re adding some new elements to the mix, such as coffee, wine and deep-frozen food. The International Luanda Fair, once again, has proven to be an extremely positive experience for us and it was the perfect stage for us to present our products and make important contacts”, says Bernardo Alves, general manager at the Riberalves Group.


Among other novelties, FILDA offered the opportunity for NovoDia Cafés to present a new machine/pods system for the Horeca sector. This is an important product for the Angolan market because of its efficiency, quality and flawless operationality. “This is a capsule-based system, which means it doesn’t need parallel investment in other equipment such as coffee grinders; moreover, the quality of the coffee itself is superior because it is correctly preserved and served in uniform portions; on the other hand, the machine can work on bottled water thus avoiding any water supply restrictions. The machines are also quite dependable and we’ve recently tried them in extremely demanding conditions such as music festivals Rock in Rio and Optimus Alive in Lisbon”, explains Bernardo Alves.


In the wine sector, the most recent company from the Riberalves Group — AdegaMãe — boasts a wine range that stands out because of its natural freshness (its vineyards nestle in the Lisbon Region under strong Atlantic influence) and a lot of these products have achieved a noticeable acceptance among Angolan consumers. “We are having quite a success with the Pinta Negra brand, for instance, a wine that has its red, white and rosé iterations. These are very peculiar wines, fresh and appealing, with a very interesting profile. These wines are making quite an appearance in the Angolan market”, adds Bernardo Alves.


In what concerns Frip, the deep-frozen products brand that the Riberalves Group represents in Angola, the focus was on the presentation of a couple of new products: Breaded Sardines and Fry Peeled Shrimp. “These products offer new and quality pre-cooked meal options for consumers. We’ve been adding new products in this segment and we will present a few more in the short/medium-term”, concludes Bernardo Alves.