Riberalves hits its best semester ever in 2013

  • Despite the crisis, the company continues to grow steadily, profiting on the growth of exports (in the last six years exports grew 511%) but also on its strengthened leadership in the domestic market.


In 2013 Riberalves, world leader in the codfish transformation sector, had its best performance in a semester in its 28 years. Reaching a total turnover of about 61 million euros, Riberalves beat by 9% the stats from the same period of the previous year.


During the first six months of 2013 the company sold 14 500 tons of cod. It should be noted that historically the second semester represents about 60% of the annual sales volume, as it is in that period that the two consumption peaks take place in Portugal: August (when immigrants visit the country during summer) and November/December (Christmas season).


In the year 2012, Riberalves sold approximately 29 500 tons of codfish, which translated into a 136,8 million euros turnover. Compared to the previous year, 2012 had already seen a growth of 7,4%.


“Our codfish meets the highest quality standards with the added advantage of being the cheapest wild fish the Portuguese can put on their table. The way we invested and adapted throughout recent years allowed us to keep growing in a sustained way, promoting our brand, meeting the high demands of the Portuguese consumers whilst complying with the Traditional Portuguese Cure. We are strongly committed to defending our position as the favorite cod brand of the Portuguese people”, explains Riberalves founder and president João Alves.


On a domestic level, sales of Riberalves’ Dry Codfish and Deep-frozen Desalted Codfish grew 12,2% during the first semester of 2013. However, results were also boosted by exports — turnover in foreign markets grew approximately 4,3% during this period. The international performance of the company is the cornerstone that proves the consistency allowing Riberalves to grow counter-cyclically compared to the economic context. Between 2010 and 2013, exports rose 511%. It should also be noted that, according to data published by Kantar World Panel, during the first 6 months of the year sales of Dry Codfish and Deep-frozen Desalted Codfish in Portugal saw an increase of 5,1%.


“These numbers are the result of domestic growth but also of the exports performance that, in 2012, already made up for 42% of total turnover. We will keep growing in a sustained way, in particular due to sales of Deep-frozen Desalted Codfish, a product in which our company is pioneer, world leader, and which has been meeting increasing demand because of its high quality and taste but also because of its tremendous convenience” explains João Alves.


According to the Kantar World Panel, Riberalves is the leading Portuguese company in the sector of Deep-frozen Desalted Codfish, excluding own-label brands. This is the market segment with the highest growth potential and throughout the last 10 years the company developed its own technology and production processes at its Moita facilities, the largest cod processing plant in the world spanning a total area of 44 000 square meters and welcoming approximately 260 workers. In the course of the last four years, Riberalves invested 20 million euros to modernize and raise the production capacity of its industrial facilities.


Riberalves is a Portuguese company founded in 1985. In 1990 the company decided to focus its activity solely on the codfish industry. Its first processing plant opened in Torres Vedras in 1993. From 2003 on, following the takeover of Comimba, production capacity increased about 60%. The Riberalves Group also includes companies NovoDia Cafés (coffee sector) and AdegaMãe, a 5 million euros investment in winemaking and wine tourism and a reference within the Lisbon Wine Region.