Riberalves celebrates its 30th Anniversary and reaches out to the Portuguese people


• An event program by the #1 company in the codfish sector will take off at the Volvo Ocean Race in Lisbon through the end of 2015. The program is based on the reinvention of the way people eat the “Faithful Friend”.


It all began with a son and his father selling codfish door to door on the streets of downtown Lisbon. Still a teenager, João Alves would meet his father at a small groceries store in São Pedro da Cadeira, Torres Vedras, to help him deliver «Faithful friend» bales. In those days he couldn’t possibly have imagined that later, in 1985, inspired by the name of his two sons — Ricardo and Bernardo Alves — he would launch a company that was to become a reference within the codfish industry. That company was Riberalves.


In its 30th anniversary, Riberalves is certainly celebrating the path it had to endure. But, above all, it is also celebrating a relationship of trust that was built with the Portuguese people. A relationship that helped lay the foundations of what is nowadays the leading company in its segment in Portugal, a company that can be found in over 20 countries, chiefly in expat Portuguese communities. In order to do so, Riberalves is launching an activity program that will have its first iteration at the Volvo Ocean Race in Lisbon and will reach the four corners of the country until the end of the year.


“The Portuguese have been our faithful friends. We want to thank them, surprise them and that is why we are reaching out to them. We want to pay tribute to our common history and at the same time to reinvent the way we eat codfish. Through partnerships with chefs at several events, we will be opening a Codfish Bar and show how this fish, which enjoys an unparalleled place in Portuguese culinary tradition, can also be a reference in modern gastronomy” says Ricardo Alves, general manager at Riberalves.


Ceviche, sushi and cold salads, combined with coriander sprouts or toasted corn… These are just a few of the flavors that Chef António Amorim came up with for the coming days at the Volvo Ocean Race in Lisbon. Aware of its strong maritime ties, Riberalves had to be part of such an event. After the Volvo Ocean Race, others will follow. North, Center and South of the country will take part in a program that revolves around the concept “Codfish for All”, bringing the Portuguese closer to a reinvention in the way cod is consumed.


Riberalves will also present a series of communication campaigns on digital platforms, social media and the press. Furthermore, a great activation plan for the brand involving several collaborators of the company will take place. 2015 will also see the launch of a new product and, according to recent tradition, the end of the year will be devoted to the solidarity campaign “To be a Faithful Friend”.


On Riberalves

A Portuguese company, Riberalves is a world reference when it comes to codfish processing, producing around 30 thousand tons of codfish per year. Riberalves was launched in 1985, but it only started focusing on codfish processing in 1990 when its first industrial unit was built in Torres Vedras. From 2003 onwards, fostered by a major investment in a new industrial unit in Moita — as of today, the largest codfish plant in the world— Riberalves enhanced its production capacity by 60%. This allowed the company to establish itself as the leader in the production of a new sort of product that satisfies modern consumer needs and tendencies: the Ready-to-Cook codfish. Showing a 150 million euros turnover and exporting around 40% of its sales volume, Riberalves is the reference within a business group that also includes companies NovoDia Cafés, AdegaMãe (a 5 million euros investment in winemaking and wine tourism) and Riberalves Imobiliária.