Institutional 30th anniversary video

This institutional video celebrates Riberalves’ 30th anniversary. A 100% Portuguese family-run company, Riberalves processes the largest quantity of codfish in the world.

Video ad

Riberalves’ 30th anniversary video ad. Part of the promotional campaign launched by the 100% Portuguese family-run company that shares a National Passion with the Portuguese people: Codfish.

Television channel TVI covers Riberalves

TVI news coverage of Riberalves. During Christmas season, TVI shares some curiosities on the consumption and production of the “fiel amigo” (“faithful friend”) inside the world’s largest cod processing plant.

Television channel SIC covers Riberalves

Despite being the greatest cod consumer country in the world, most of Portugal’s codfish is imported. Get to know the largest cod processing plant ever built: the industrial facilities of Riberalves in Moita (Montijo).

Riberalves air at Rádio Comercial

A brief moment after founding the United Church of “Lagareiro” Style Codfish, Nuno Markl refers to Riberalves in this edition of the morning show at Rádio Comercial.

Ready-to-cook Riberalves Cod featured in CMTV’s “Prato da Casa”

Why do so many chefs and restaurants go for the Ready-to-Cook Riberalves codfish? Find out in this installment of CMTV’s “Prato da Casa” and witness the preparation of a “Gomes de Sá” style Codfish at the Enoteca de Belém.

Riberalves in Iceland news coverage; “Prato da Casa”, CMTV

Shot in Iceland, this news story delves deep into Riberalves in its quest for the best codfish. Find out why Iceland’s cod is so special in this installment of CMTV’s “Prato da Casa”.