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Health and tradition at the table

Cod is a truly wild fish, captured on the high seas, and one of the richest foods we can eat when it comes to protein, with 21 g of protein per 100 g of fish.

This is a precious high-protein fish, with an enormous culinary potential. It is also extremely versatile and, above all, high-quality.

During its production process, –the so-called Portuguese Cure – no substance is added to it other than salt, which is eventually removed when desalting.

Codfish has been part of the Portuguese food tradition for several centuries. It is even often considered the main food of the traditional Portuguese cuisine. The question is: what is the reason for this reputation? The answer is simple: a wide number of factors.

Let’s start with the versatility of this fish. The number of codfish-based recipes is endless, which is due to the fact that, unlike many other fish, it allows the use of most culinary preparations, enabling its consumption in a diversified and not so monotonous fashion. You can eat it baked, grilled, fried, boiled, stewed, and even raw… This is why this fish is an excellent food to include in daily meals, not only in winter dishes, but also in summer dishes.

The affordability associated with the consumption of this fish is also an added value. First of all, its preservation: there is no other fish (except canned fish) with such a long time of preservation as dried cod, and, of course, without economic costs associated to this process. Furthermore, the fact that it can be eaten not only in flakes but also in slivers or shredded allows a significant reduction in the amount of codfish to be used in a meal, which translates into a much more cost-effective option.

Catarina Sousa Guerreiro (Dietitian, PhD in Nutrition, University lecturer)

Benefits of Codfish

Health benefits


With 19 g of animal protein per 100 g, cod is a protein-rich fish that should be included in our diet.


At a time when nutrition concerns are growing, codfish is suitable for balanced food plans, or even demanding diets.


To combine flavour and health, the salt content of codfish has to be perfect. At home, it is difficult to get it right, but Riberalves’ codfish is soaked in water at the right temperature.

Codfish – An ally of nutritionists

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