Ver Carrinho

Codfish Poke Bowls



1 Riberalves cod loin
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
2 files
100g of rice for sushi
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 coffee spoon of salt
6 c. of rice vinegar soup
1 avocado
Flower of salt q.s.
2 radishes
1 sleeve
2 tablespoons of roasted peanuts
Chives q.s.
1 tablespoon of black sesame seeds


To start preparing your Codfish Poke Bowls, begin by defrosting the codfish loin, remove skin and bones, cut into small cubes and place in a bowl with the soy sauce and the juice of 1 lime. Mix well and leave to marinate for 15 to 20 minutes.

Cook the rice according to package directions, stirring with a wooden spoon. Then spread out on a serving dish to cool.

Combine 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt with the rice vinegar, bring the mixture to a low heat until dissolved without boiling. Leave to cool and season the rice, mixing well.

Season the avocado with the juice of 1/2 lime and coarse salt to taste and blend in the kitchen processor until smooth. Cut the mango into small cubes. Finely chop the peanuts and chives. Finely slice the radishes.

Distribute the rice in bowls, then arrange the codfish cubes, radish slices, mango cubes and avocado cream. Drizzle with the marinade sauce, scatter over the chopped peanuts, sprinkle with chopped chives and black sesame seeds.

Serve the Riberalves Codfish Poke Bowls immediately.



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